The Best

When she cries, you soothe her.
When she’s hungry, you feed.
She is learning that her needs will be met.


You have memorized every detail of his face.
When he is in pain, your heart crumbles.
When he smiles, it blooms.
Sleeping in your arms, you feel as one.


Her happiness seems to be the only thing that will ever matter.
You fight fiercely to protect her from fear, pain and sadness.
You love her more than you have ever loved before.
The feeling is indescribable.
There is nothing that you wouldn’t do.


Your baby feels your love.
And he needs you.
More than he will ever need anyone.


You are doing an amazing job.
You are enough.
Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
(Not even yourself).



photo credit: Kissing an Angel via photopin (license)