Hello! I am a nurse and lactation consultant (RN/IBCLC) with a Master’s degree in counseling and certified in Childbirth Education. I have over ten years experience helping parents feed their babies through breastfeeding, chestfeeding, pumping, and formula: All are welcome here.

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Michelle and her nephew.

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) which is the gold standard in lactation care. I have worked in hospitals, NICUs, children’s hospitals, birth centers, outpatient clinics and home settings.

My masters degree in counseling makes me very attuned to your needs, as well as the needs of your baby. I will help you feel centered, calm, and confident while you go about feeding, in whatever way works best for you.

As a nurse, I have a skilled eye for the overall assessment of a feeding. My knowledge of medical conditions puts me in a better place to figure out what might be causing your feeding problems.

My combined experience gives you the total package in baby-feeding help. My clients have described me as “easy to talk to,” “down-to-earth,” and “non-judgmental.” I will meet you where you are in your baby feeding journey, and we will come up with a plan that is designed specifically to meet your needs.

I look forward to helping you!

Michelle McKeown Poole, MS, RN, IBCLC

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Michelle and her son.