Here at the Bottle ‘N Boob breastfeeding moms, formula feeding moms and mixed feeding moms are all welcome.  My name is Michelle McKeown Poole and I am a lactation consultant (IBCLC) which makes me an expert at solving breastfeeding issues. However, by seeking out additional knowledge,  I now know much about formula and bottle feeding, too!

Exclusive breastfeeding is a wonderful goal (and I can help you get there!) But I know many moms who are unable to exclusively breastfeed, who choose to combine breast and bottle feeding or who choose to exclusively formula feed.  I believe that all of these moms should have a resource for non-judgmental baby feeding help. My goal is to help you find the feeding plan that results in a healthy thriving baby, whether it be reached through bottles, boobs or both.  When we meet, my unique mix of credentials (MS, RN, IBCLC) and experience will allow me to help you find comfort and confidence through offering balanced baby-feeding solutions.

Join my facebook support group, where all moms are welcome, can post without fear of being judged and will receive sensitive, positive and helpful responses from myself and the group.

Checkout my baby feeding book on Amazon: “Breastfeeding 101: Prepare for the Suck”