Three Months of Unlimited Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Care: $3000

This coaching program puts an expert at your fingertips! You can call, text or facetime me as many times as you need to in this three month period. Towards the end of your pregnancy, we will work together to design birth and baby feeding plans that will help you and your partner feel balanced, confident and stress-free. Once your baby is here, I will meet with you as often as needed to help with your newborn care and feeding questions. Before our time together has ended, we will create a plan for returning to work, and/or any future plans involving parenting. If you need help after this three month period, you will receive a 50% discount on any consult. Text today and let’s start getting you ready to become a parent! 512-621-9232.

Individual Appointments: $200/hr

Prenatal Birth Plan Consultation

As a nurse who is certified in childbirth education, I can help you get ready for giving birth. In this one hour session, we will discuss your medical history and birthing goals to come up with a written birth plan.

Prenatal Baby Feeding Consultation

There is no one “right way” to feed a baby. Many parents combine breastfeeding/chestfeeding with pumping and formula to create a healthy balance. Knowing how your body works, the pump works, your baby works, and the bottle works is key to reaching your baby feeding goals. You will leave this one hour consult feeling confident and committed to your goals and have a written feeding plan to help you achieve success.

Postpartum Baby Feeding Consultation

Sometimes, baby feeding is more challenging than you expected.  Always get help before you give up!

In this hour long consult, we’ll discuss your feeding goals and what’s getting in the way of meeting them. I will watch you feed your baby (or pump) and offer insight, tips and tricks to make things go more smoothly.  We will then come up with a realistic feeding plan that works to keep you and your baby happy and healthy.

Back to Work Pumping Plan

Does the thought of going back to work make you anxious? Are you worried about your supply and being able to pump enough? Do you plan on using some formula but feel like you don’t know anything about it? During our visit you’ll learn how much milk your baby needs, how and when to pump for optimum milk production, how and when to introduce a bottle, and how much milk you need in your freezer.  We’ll come up with a plan that will work to keep you providing your baby with your pumped milk for as long as you desire.

Individualized Weaning Plan

Are you ready to wean but your baby’s not? Have you been trying to wean but it’s not going well? Let me help you devise a plan for gentle weaning. I will make the process as smooth and easy as possible for both you and baby. I’ll also teach you how to reduce the risk of plugged ducts and mastitis during the weaning process.

Texting Consultations: $10 for each 10 minutes of texting

Text me your questions around pregnancy, birth, newborn care and feeding. Text me on 512-621-9232 to start the conversation.

Is there a baby-feeding service you need which is not listed? Contact me today to discuss how I can help you!